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Welding robots are the central element of automobile production, especially the auto body welding lines. The Performance,functionality, and reliablity of the NACHI lineup of spot welding robots are supporting the world of manufacturing.



The next generation of hollow arm construction spot welding robots, cables for welding gun are fully enclosed to increase cable reliability and improved rate of operation. Provides a cleaner profile for installing directly in the assembly lines and improves operational accuracy of offline programming, including welding cables.

  • SRA100HS
  • SRA100HB
  • SRA100H
  • SRA133H
  • SRA133HL
  • SRA166H
  • SRA210H
  • SRA220H
  • SRA220H
  • SRA220HV (Inverted Mount)



The Ultimate Spot Welding Robot, Using higher speeds and vibration damping properties, we greatly improved productivity by shortening cycle times 30% (compared to our existing models) improvements were made in three areas, weight reduction, higher rigidity, and faster control.
The compact design allows for high density installation layouts and maintenance is streamlined making periodic inspections and parts replacement easy to do. The lighter weight and latest in motor drive control have reduced power consumption by 15% over existing models reducing environmental impact.
  • SRA100J-01
  • SRA100B-01
  • SRA100-01
  • SRA100-01A
  • SRA166-01
  • SRA166-01A
  • SRA210-01
  • SRA210-01A
  • SRA240-01
  • SRA250-01
  • SRA120EL-01
  • SRA133L-01
  • SRA166L-01
  • SRA166L-01A
  • SRA166T-01 (Shelf Mount)
  • SRA166T-01A (Shelf Mount)
  • SRA166TL-01 (Shelf Mount)
  • SRA166TL-01A (Shelf Mount)
  • SRA210T-01 (Shelf Mount)
  • SRA210T-01A (Shelf Mount)
  • SRA210V  (Inverted Mount



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