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Forming Racks are used in pairs to roll teeth into the  workpiece,and have the following features.

  • Rolling is generally completed in a few seconds and is far more efficient than hobbling
  • This method can achieve better accurate than cylindrical dies rolling

Forming Racks is for large volume production of parts with involute spline, involute erration, thread, worm and others.

Example of Workpieces by Forming Racks



Similar to shaving cutter used after hobbled or shaped, Rolling Dies are used to finish gears

  • The rolling process takes about 1-3 seconds
  • The life is a about 500.000-1.000.000 parts of small module gear.Regrinding is not recommended





This tool is used to create chamfer along the involute profile on the gear hobbed or shaped. There are two types of tool

  • One type chamfers two comes of the tooth
  • Another type chamfers all four corners








 Special type of Deburring Cutter include the following

  1. Chamfer include the root corner






  2. Chamfer parallel to the taper face





  3. Chamfer a taper from the tooth tip to root






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