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Low-floor type small size general purpose machine

  • Internal broaching machine of simple construction and space saving
  • High productivity from keyway to spline cutting


















Environment-Friendly correspond to SEMI-DRY Cutting machine (Patent Pending)

  • Minimum mist cutting using vegetable oil or synthetic oil
  • Improved table shape, which brought no accumulation of chip
  • Chips are discharged to the rear of machine by chip conveyor which is right under the cutting position
  • Collect rate of chips is 100 %(Off-normal Gullet Broaches)











   Workpiece transfer type internal processing machines
  • The nation's first and epoch-making workpiece transfer type
  • No pit required to make line change easily
  • Lower working position results in better maintenance and operation











 Workpiece transfer mechanical type internal processing machine

  • A power-saving, High-efficiency, High-precision mechanical system
  • Compact and space-saving because of pit-free workpiece transfer system and hydraulics are not used
  • Realized FMS by ATC and automated setting of cutting conditions









   General purpose compatible with heavy cutting machine
  • For mass production with multistation available.
  • High rigidity to withstand severe cutting.














   Heavy cutting surface processing machine
  • High efficiency broaching machine exclusive for surface cutting
  • Various jig tables for a variety of cutting
  • High rigidity can maintain high accuracy for a long period









   AUTO T/M component-external gear processing machine
  • Push-up type of simple construction
  • Multiple grooves on circumference can be cut by one pass
  • High efficiency cutting








   Rack surface processing machine
  • Small design, high efficiency and two way cutting
  • Turret type holder to meet a variety of work
  • Compact design to save energy and space






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